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Attn: LIABRA Members:

If you have not already done so you MUST complete the National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutant (NESHAP) form and file by 01/11/2010

Most of you have been sent the form by the Environmental Facilities Corporation and we have assisted many of you in completing the form.

If you have not received the form you can go to and download the form. The download link is on the first page under DEC form.

To complete the form you must fill in the # of painters, # of prep decks and # of spray booths.

Please call our offices with any questions.

ALSO: The EPA requires you to have training and become certified on handling the hazardous materials in your facility. You can meet this by taking the online I-CAR (HAP01). The cost is only $40.00. Details are below.

Collision repair facilities can fulfill EPA requirements by taking the Hazardous Airborne Pollutant Reduction (HAP01) I-CAR online training program.

EPA standards require that all existing collision repair facilities receive training on hazardous air pollutant reduction. Facilities have up to three years to meet the new rule and the EPA requires that training be completed every five years. New facilities must meet the requirements within 180 days of opening.In addition to staying in compliance with the new rule, those who complete this program will learn how to use less refinishing material; reduce the amount of waste during the refinishing and clean-up processes; increase the life of spray booth filters with less overspray; and may increase credibility with environmentally-conscious customers.

The Hazardous Airborne Pollutant Reduction (HAP01) I-CAR online training program takes only 60 minutes to complete and once completed a certificate can be printed and used as proof of completion of the training. Online training is also a tool to help earn and keep the Gold Class Professionals and Platinum Individual designations.

Go to to learn more and complete Hazardous Airborne
Pollutant Reduction (HAP01).


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