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Long Island Auto Body Repairmen’s Association

and The Auto Body Craftsmen's Guld of N.Y.C

LIABRA is the oldest and largest trade association for collision repair professionals in New York State.

LIABRA serves one of the nation’s busiest motoring regions. Its 500 independent member shops repair a quarter of a million automobiles annually. LIABRA member shops are located from the Queens border along both the north and south shores of Nassau and Suffolk Counties out to Montauk, 90 miles to the east.

LIABRA is administrated by an elected board of directors headed by the Executive Board and staffed by an Executive Director, Legal Counsel and Legislative Lobbyist.

LIABRA works to further industry and consumer interests. Stressing education, LIABRA provides all members including the smallest repair shop with representation for their business interests.

LIABRA is constantly interacting with government regulators and encourages a constant exchange of information and ideas beneficial to shop owners. The association was instrumental in the promulgating of an industry code of ethics and is striving to develop consumer protection legislation to assure the motoring public the highest quality and safety standards in auto collision repair.

Following out merge with the ABCG in 2014 we now service shops within all 5 boroughs of N.Y.C. Our goal is to provide these shops with the same education and service that we have been extending to our Nassau and Suffolk county shops for over 30 years.




This Association is a not-for-profit organization, comprised of body shop owners located in the 5 borougs of N.Y.C, as well as Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

The members have organized to serve and further the interests of the body shops in our association

Among the aims of this organization are the following:

1. To develop organizational framework in order to give all members, including the smallest shop of the Association, fair representation in the successful pursuit of its business interests.

2. To develop an exchange of information and ideas beneficial to shop own­ers.

3. To unify body shops and develop a code of ethics.

4. To take appropriate action in an effort to discontinue any unethical practices to which we, as an industry, are subjected.


For additional information, contact: Ed Kizenberger, Executive Director, at 631-941-9647.

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